2 week Coaching Program


This package consists of two virtual coaching sessions per week. The first session for the week is one hour, the second session for the week is 15 minutes.

This packages also include one daily text Q&A.

What happens in the sessions?
A basic life assessment is conducted to discover the quality of your life with the 12 most important pillars of your life. From there we discover what areas of your life are lacking and improve those areas aggressively so the quality of those areas dramatically improves. Following is the development of your personal customized action strategy plan to implement into your life to ensure results. Each week you will be given specified actions to take and exercises to complete that will elevate your physical, mental, and emotional health to create the best possible version of you. All personal goals for the coaching shall be targeted upon your request.
michael j fit, life coach and motivational speaker

World-renowned Motivational Speaker, 3 Time Certified Life Coach, and 2 Time Certified Relationship Coach.

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